Can I have more than 1 Monsuno on the battlefield?

Sure, but you may only launch one Monsuno per turn, so it’ll take a couple of turns to get 2 of your Monsunos onto the battlefield.

Do I have to take a Free Recover when I have a Monsuno knocked out or I'm attacked on the Clip?

No, those are optional.

What's the difference between your Monsuno's Speed and your Monsuno's printed Speed?

Printed speed refers to the number actually printed on the Monsuno card. The Monsuno's Speed is the total speed of a Monsuno. In Combat, this is a combination of your Strike card speed, any bonuses, and if you're the attacker, your Monsuno's printed speed.

I have a Wild Core card and it says Discard, Hit in the text box. What does that mean

Wild Cores are special cards that can turn the tide in your favor. You can play them before you choose your Strike card in Combat by discarding them from your hand. You then flip a coin. If heads,the Wild Core's effect activates. If tails, the card does nothing.

What do you do when your deck runs out?

Shuffle your discard pile then place it face down as your new deck.

I noticed one of my cards has an “A” after its card number on the bottom of the card (3A/156). Does this card play any differently in the game than cards without an “A” after the number?

No. Cards with an “A” next to the number were part of a limited run, play exactly the same way and have all the same art, icons and card statistics as cards without an “A” .